New to Arts Alive? Helpful Hints and Basic Facts

Arts Alive artists:

Contact us at for  guidelines to follow when painting your banner. Read below for Basic Facts about Arts Alive.


The Arts Alive paintings are displayed on lamp posts and are exposed to the elements and other hazards. The 101 Artists’ Colony and any of its program partners, the City of Encinitas, and Arts Alive sponsors are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged banners. Any questions about Arts Alive should be directed to the 101 Artists’ Colony at info@)

Arts Alive is not a city sponsored program. It is privately funded and administered by 101 Artists’ Colony.


Arts Alive Encinitas is a program of the 101 Artists’ Colony, a privately funded, all-volunteer 501c4 organization that coordinates and facilitates and pays the expenses of the Arts Alive Encinitas Exhibit. Arts Alive is the only fundraising / source of income for 101 Artists’ Colony. Sometimes we partner with another organization to present Arts Alive. 
The Arts Alive Exhibit is promoted on its website and Facebook pages as well as Instagram, print & other media and through other art organizations.
Arts Alive Encinitas is NOT a city funded or supported program. However, the City has jurisdiction over the Coast Highway lamp posts on which the art is hung. The Exhibit is installed on the lamp posts  after the Unveiling Reception (the big reveal).
The paintings are offered for sale to the public through silent bids and a Final Live Auction. Silent bidding begins at the Unveiling Reception, then bids are phoned in until the Live Auction.
Minimum bid  is $200. The artist receives 50% of the winning bid amount. 
After the Live Auction the artists’ share of the proceeds will be distributed. This usually takes a couple of weeks so that all payments from bidders can be collected.
Auction Guides and Bookmarks will be printed. Auction Guides will be distributed at the Unveiling Reception and throughout the exhibit and will be available online. Bookmarks will go on sale for $1 each.