Live Auction Sunday, November 13, 2022 at Cardiff Town Center plaza 1:30 pm

Click here on Banner Bids 2022 for status of bidding. Winners will be contacted asap after the Live Auction ends.

50% of the sale price goes to the artist. The remaining 50% will go to 101 Artists’ Colony and Surfing Madonna Oceans Project to fund this year’s program expenses.

How do I place a bid?

The minimum starting bid is $200. Each artist keeps 50% of the sale proceeds with the other 50% going to 101 Artists’ Colony to defray the program expenses and help fund the Colony’s other community programs. Sales tax is added to the purchase price.

Silent bids may be placed starting with the Unveiling Reception on Sunday, September 11,2022 at 3pm, and then by phone to (760) 473-5164 throughout the period the exhibit is on display right up to the day before the Live Auction which occurs on Sunday, November 13. Bid sheets will again be on display for silent bids until the auctioneer bangs the gavel starting the Live Auction. Come to the auction to make sure you aren’t outbid on your favorite paintings!

Program expenses are paid by 101 Artists’ Colony and their partner this year, Surfing Madonna Oceans Project, with support from our sponsor, Seaside Market. Each year, a number of artists designate their share of the proceeds to non-profit and/or charitable organizations. These one-of-a-kind pieces of original fine art demonstrate the scope of talent of the artists within our community. We appreciate their participation and your support in attending our events and purchasing their paintings that look great in any venue!