New to Arts Alive?

Below are some useful guidelines to follow when painting your banner.

101 Artists’ Colony 2020


The art banners are exposed to the elements and other hazards. The 101 Artists’ Colony, the City of Encinitas, and sponsors are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged banners. Any questions about Arts Alive should be directed to the 101 Artists’ Colony at info@) Arts Alive is not a city sponsored program. It is privately funded and administered by 101 Artists’ Colony.

Do’s & Don’ts & about “Arts Alive”

DO paint the blank side
DO check the printed side to make sure you are not painting upside down.
DO USE ACRYLIC PAINTS. The banners will be rolled up during handling and oils and spray paints tend to stick and/or peel.
DO sign your banner or at least initial it to make identification easier throughout the handling.
DO communicate early if you cannot paint your banner so that we have time to give it to another artist.
– DO promote your banner. HOWEVER, to preserve the surprise element at the Unveiling Reception, please do not reveal your completed banner to the public (i.e. through social media) until after the Unveiling Reception. Sneak peeks or status updates are fine. Share your posts with us on our Facebook page.
DO turn it in on or before the deadline of January 31. This date is critical to allow for photography and printing of the Auction Guide in time for the Unveiling Reception.

NO PRINTS. No photographs, graphics, etc. Original painting & composition only.
DO NOT GLUE or apply items. They do not hold up to the elements and handling. They tend to curl up, fall off, or tear.
– DO NOT use oils or spray paint. They do not dry well, tend to flake, or may stick or crack. ALSO, banners with heavy coats of paint tend to curl.
– DO NOT CUT the banner.
DO NOT pass your unpainted banner on to someone else. Return it. This exhibit is by invitation.
DO NOT reveal your completed artwork on social media or publicly prior to the Unveiling Reception ( date TBA – usually early March).
That way we can maintain the element of surprise when they are unveiled!   Partial views or photos of you at work are great. Share your posts with us on our Facebook page.
– SEALER & PRIMER – Many artists do not use either. Some artists do. If you use a sealer, test a small patch to see if it dries. Avoid using sealer that may remain sticky causing the paint to peel when the banner is unrolled. Some glossy sealers tend to stay sticky and do not photograph well for the Auction Guide nor do they hold up to handling.
This is Public Art – The banners are displayed on public streets and should be appropriate for all ages. There is no theme, but please no unfavorable portrayals of individuals, public or private.
City code prohibits the image on public banners of any living person who has either held or run for public office in San Diego County.
Arts Alive Encinitas – Basic Facts
– Arts Alive Encinitas is a program of the 101 Artists’ Colony. The 101 Artists’ Colony is an all-volunteer C-4 organization that coordinates and facilitates and pays the expenses of the Arts Alive Encinitas Exhibit. The Arts Alive Exhibit is promoted on its website and Facebook pages as well as other media.
– Arts Alive Encinitas is NOT a city program. However, the City owns the light poles on which the art is hung. The Exhibit is displayed on light poles on the Coast Hwy from Leucadia through Cardiff (and at Cardiff Town Center) March-May.
The banners are offered for sale to the public through silent bids and a Final Live Auction.
– Minimum bid for a banner is $150. Sales tax is added at time of Final Auction. First silent bids are taken at the Unveiling Reception (date TBA).
– The art banners are hung on the light poles after the Unveiling Reception. Silent bids can continue to be made by phone (see back of banner) while the banners are hanging until the Final Live Auction (late May or early June date TBA).
– After the Final Auction the artists’ share of the proceeds will be distributed. This usually takes a couple of weeks so that all payments from bidders can be collected.
–The artist receives 50% of the sale proceeds from the sale of his or her banner. If a banner is unsold at the Final Auction, the artist may purchase his/her banner for $75. Otherwise, the 101 Artists’ Colony maintains ownership of it and may continue to display it for sale or other purposes. If the banner sells within six (6) months of the Final Auction, the artist will still receive 50% of the sale amount.
– Auction Guides and Bookmarks will be printed. Auction Guides will be distributed at the Unveiling Reception and throughout the exhibit and will be available online. Bookmarks will go on sale for $1 each. Each banner artist will receive 15 free bookmarks.
– Each artist will receive a high-res image of his or her banner.
The deadline date of Jan 31 is critical. We need time to photograph the banners, type the artist bios, do artwork and layout of the Guide and bookmarks, then get it all to the printer before the Unveiling Reception. Please no exceptions. If you know you cannot meet the deadline, give it back early and another artist will get the opportunity. Do Not pass on to someone else
. **************************************************
TO VIEW BANNERS ONLINE: Available online AFTER the Unveiling Reception at OR www.101artistscolony. com
– To view prior vears’ Auction Guides go to or
We will announce turn-in opportunities for artists as the deadline approaches. However, do not hesitate to turn in your banner early! Contact us at when you have your banner ready to turn in.